To guarantee the continuity of cinematographic practice in Super8 several things must happen. Film stock needs to be available. Trusted, tested, and reliable cameras must be offered to the ones willing to shoot in this format. And lastly, chemistry is needed. Cameras and film are easy to ship globally. Chemistry is not, most countries have regulations that don’t allow chemistry to pass customs so if you are in a country where this happens, like almost all Latin America, you need to consume locally if you have the luck that in your location someone produces chemistry.

In some cases, no one produces chemistry and it’s hard to find the chemical compounds needed to produce the solution to process a roll of film.

That’s why I start researching several DIY developers like FERROSO, a black and white film developer build from nails… plain iron nails.
Nails in a solution of copper sulfate that you can buy locally because it is used in pools, gardens, and several industries will end in a ferrous sulfate solution. Ferrous sulfate is a well-known developer so you just need to add 100ml of the ferrous solution to 900ml of water and add some soda. Depending on the amount of soda you will have a low or high contrast developer. Be aware that when you add soda will fizz a lot!!

Developing time will vary from 15 to 30min at room temp.

FERROSO is an experimental developer that is being tested, so test yourself before processing an important roll. Have fun!!

Andrés Pardo (aka Gral Treegan).