We are proud to release a wide family of batteries for Beaulieu cameras. From the simplest 400 mA for the 4008 series to the powerful handmade for R16/2016 (3800 mA). Five batteries in six purchase alternatives for any filmmaker to find the best option.

For Beaulieu 4008:
Introducing the new 400mA NiMh battery with quality and modern charger (CE certified, AC 100/240 volts, 50/60 Hz, 170 mAh, EU plug). This battery has the same appearance as the original Beaulieu, reaching about 12 to 15 cartridges fired at normal temperature.

Also new is the battery with Varta NiMh 950 mA cells, oversized like the latest units produced by Beaulieu to house the cells, with a with dark blue-grey anodized aluminum barrel. Includes the 170 mAh charger.

We continue manufacturing Panasonic eneloop pro 930 mA batteries, but now including an important novelty: SMART Autoswitching CE certified charger, AC 100/240 volts, 50/60 Hz, 180 mAh, EU plug, and double connection: to camera and to charging adapter. As always, these batteries include the silver anodized aluminum barrel.

For Beaulieu 3008 and 5008:
We launch the batteries made with Panasonic eneloop pro 930 mA, based on the original Beaulieu batteries for these two cameras (may be a bit different, shorter). Including the SMART Autoswitching 180 mAh charger. For sale in two options: with a charging adapter (first units with original box), or for charging through the camera with an original Beaulieu plug.

For Beaulieu R16 and 2016:
After multiple requests from advanced filmmakers, we are pleased to release the new handcrafted aluminum batteries, with dark blue-grey anodized treatment and NiMh 3800 mA cells. Including the SMART Autoswitching 180 mAh charger. Thread and contacts are protected by a solid plastic cover. This kit will reach the expectations of demanding filmmakers, Beaulieu R16 and 2016 users. These batteries are totally machined in aluminium, anodized, and with stainless screws. Contact plates are also proffesionally made in one piece (not copper washers). Nothing of 3D printing here, only quality components and high standard manufacturing process.

All kits include worldwide shipping by registered post in the price. These batteries are made and sent from Spain, so EU countries doesn’t pay customs fees.