In this site you can buy (mostly) used Super 8 movie cameras, serviced, tested with film, and with 90 days warranty. Brands as Bauer, Beaulieu, Bolex, Canon, Elmo, Eumig, Leicina, Nalcom, Nikon, Nizo and others will be available. Perfectly functional cameras, ready to shoot. Exposure meter, electronic and mechanical systems, viewfinder and general condition have been checked. Lenses on each camera also have been serviced. Definitely, CLA is done on every camera. Our technical service is Microdelta Balears.

All Super 8 cameras from this site are tested with Kodak Tri-X 7266, the film is processed as negative and scanned at 4K by RetroLab Cinema , and uploaded to Vimeo . All customers will receive the physical film shot with the camera.

ABOUT BEAULIEU 4008 cameras: filter Wratten 85A has been removed (except in Beaulieu 4008 ZM4 with the last version of Schneider Kreuznach Optivaron 1.4/6-70 with built-in filter lens). Back focus is corrected after the filter is removed. Each unit of Beaulieu 4008 includes new battery made with Panasonic eneloop pro 930 mAh cells and new charger.

All cameras and accessories are shipped from Spain. Shipments of goods outside the European Union may generate costs at the Customs of the destination country, not included in the price of item or transport. These costs are established by the government receiving the shipment and are unrelated to this page. In case of generating any Customs tax expenses, it will be assumed by the customer.

We are not film stock sellers, the film cartridges shown in this page are for testing cameras.

We are not appraisers for cameras or film equipment.

Super 8 has never been a professional format, although some cameras have this in their nomenclature or some filmmakers uses this amateur format for professional purposes. The sophistication of cameras cannot eliminate or considerably reduce the losses of the Super 8 format, such as a complex drag inside the cartridge, the inefficiency of the plastic presser, the almost impossibility of rewinding…    This ends up being shown in the footage, which today can be corrected by digital post-production, but on this site they are shown just as they come out of the camera, without stabilization, without corrections and without any type of post-production that modifies the results.

All evaluation images of each unit are digitized to a light using an open scanner. There is no stabilization of any kind. There are no settings related to exposure parameters. All files are H264 compressions from Prores 422 files. This test is the Master. On the left we can see differences in the same test before and after stabilized image. This is just one example of what can be achieved with any Super 8 camera for sale in this site.

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All cameras, lenses and batteries sold on this page includes a warranty for a period of 90 days since the customer receives the item


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